Refitting with new Frigomar chiller variable capacity on Benetti yacht.

 FRIGOMAR USA Chiller refit Benetti

This 116' Benetti came from the factory with a Condaria chiller system.

 The customer was never fully satisfied with the cooling of the system so when the system had a catastrophic failure and needed to be replaced, he decided to go with the best system available at this time.

We put in (4) FrigomarUSA 608T variable capacity chilled water units which are good for up to 62,000BTU each.

As the units are variable capacity, The running consumption is much less as they are rarely working at full capacity. The footprint of the units is also much less.

Needless to say, now with the new chillers installed, the customer is ecstatic with the performance and told us that the vessel was never as comfortable inside as it is now.

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