UVA/UVC LED Air Sterilizer

Frigomar has developed a dedicated air sterilizing system for the SCU series Compact Inverters.

Particularly recently, the search for solutions to sanitize the air in enclosed environments has become an even more important factor when choosing a system for air conditioning.

The kit offered by Frigomar, available as optional for the SCU series, includes high quality UVA-UVC sterilizing lamps for purifying the air. The germicidal UVC technology is an efficient and cheap method for reducing transmissible agents in the air, fungi, bacteria, viruses, spores, parasites and mites, thus ensuring a healthier environment within enclosed spaces on boats.


  • Improves the air quality within enclosed environments by controlling the spread of microorganisms suspended in the air.
  • Extremely low energy consumption thanks to the LED technology (input power <1 W).
  • Suitable for new installations and retrofits.

The UVA/UVC LED air sterilization kit is available as optional for the SCU series Compact Inverters.

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