Frigomar is the maritime leader in the refrigeration plant, HVAC and ice makers production.

The industry size gained in the recent years has consolidated the position of the company on the domestic and foreign market.

Innovation advances in technology and guaranteed assistance throughout the world for over 40 years are the foundation on which Frigomar has built its success, and boast among its many customers the most prestigious Italian and foreign shipyards.

Manufacturing technologies and ongoing research allows us to support, and in many case to anticipate, the changes of the boating market.

The company developed over time and, thanks to the thoughtful choice of the raw materials used and to the professionalism of its staff, is able to offer high quality products, which are available in a wide range of models and solutions, from the most simple to the “custom made” ones, in order to meet all the different requirements.

Our construction technologies and our ongoing research, made possible by an ongoing collaboration with the University of Genoa, allowed us to support, and in many cases to anticipate, the changes in the boating market, by initiating new trends:

  • 2005: we were the first to propose “high efficiency”R410A gas in the boating sector
  • 2013: we were the first to the introduce the Inverter CHILLER BLDC Technology in the boating sector
  • 2014: we were the first to the introduce the Self Contained BLDC Technology in the boating sector.
  • 2023: we were the first to the introduce High performance Self Contained Unit with variable speed powered by 24V/48V DC.

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Our Partners

WeSt Coast

Cruise RO Water

2448 Carroll Lane, Escondido, CA 92027

Cruise RO Water, is one-stop shop for high-quality and affordable reverse osmosis systems for sale. Cruise RO Water offer a range of products to enhance your boating experience, including our very own watermakers. Additionally, Cruise RO Water offer other systems by leading brands of marine equipment, including FRIGOMAR Air Conditioning Systems.

East Coast

Titan Marine Air

4100N 29th Ave, Hollywood, Florida, 33020

Titan Marine Air has established itself as a leader in the repair, servicing and installation of marine air conditioning and refrigeration in the United States, Caribbean and Mediterranean. Our commitment to staff development, including staff having factory training at our major suppliers, ensures that we have a team of technicians that will provide you with outstanding service.
With offices in Ft Lauderdale, St Maarten in the Caribbean, and Palma de Mallorca in Spain that each have a comprehensive inventory of parts and equipment we guarantee excellent service in the key regions of the yachting industry.

Exclusive Marine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

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